Shortlist Announced!

We're delighted to announce our Great British Write Off 2015 shortlist…

The Shortlist 2015

Representing Wales

Miriam Nemmaoui
James Nicholls
Beth Richards
Pam Crane
Teresa Chambers

Representing England

Ellie Gwen
Paula Holdstock
Tommy Evans
Brian Bilston
Laura Middleton

Representing Northern Ireland

Fred McIlmoyle
David Eager
Patrick Murphy
Victoria McAnerney
Kieran McGurk

Representing Scotland

Richard Kinsella
Alasdair Cowie
Stuart Russell B.E.M.
Jen McGregor
Natalie Denvir

We have sent the shortlist to our judges, Mark Grist, Ana McLaughlin and Anastasia Prempeh. The work has been sent without the authors' names and the judges have been provided with a score sheet. They will consider creativity, originality, content, rhythm/meter/structure as well as the overall impression of the piece. They will then collectively decide on the winners, who will be announced in January 2016.

There will be one winner from each country; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, who'll each win a prize bundle. Our judges will also pick the 2015 champion from the 4 winners, who will also receive the fantastic prize fund of £715.50! The winners will appear on our website at the end of January 2016 and their winning words will be available to read too!