You are welcome to write about any theme or subject matter. The Great British Write Off celebrates writing talent across the UK and we don't wish to restrict creativity by putting a theme in place.

Poems can be in any style or format. Short stories / mini sagas / novel extracts can be in any genre.

If you're looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas:

  • Write about where you live or where you grew up
  • Be inspired by your surroundings
  • Try your hand at a mini saga, which is a story written in just 100 words!
  • Write an ode to someone or something you adore
  • Write about something you feel passionately about
  • Share an experience
  • Write the first chapter of a brand new novel
  • Take a trip down memory lane
  • Try writing in a new style or genre
  • Submit your best (unpublished) piece of work