Poets v Writers: The Pugil Stick Battle!

The Great British Write Off released today their fourth Poets v Writers head-to-head challenge, The Pugil Stick Challenge. With an added twist the poet and writer battle it out on a dinghy on the river, what could possibly go wrong…! Find out who won this hilarious challenge!

Since the 9th June The Great British Write Off have released a further 3 Poets vs Writers Challenges, #GBWO judges Mark Grist and Mixy compete in The Word Association Challenge, The Foam Wrestle Challenge and yesterday The Sumo Wrestle Challenge was released

Morgan Walton, Director, said:

"We drew inspiration from staff suggestions on their literary idols and wondered how would these famous poets and writers compete in the 21st Century, where the Internet, celebrity, adverts and gimmicks seem to tell us actions speak louder than words, and so The Great British Head-to-Head Challenges were born!"

The Great British Write Off is an exciting competition for poets and writers, and run by Forward Poetry. One lucky winner will win every penny in the prize fund, which increases every time a new entry is received! We're delighted to welcome talented writer, poet and performer Penny Pepper to our judging panel this year.

Whether you are new to writing or have a huge portfolio of work, The Great British Write Off is a fun, free opportunity to share your work, get published and even win a prize. Simply pick one original piece you've written - a poem, mini saga or a short story or novel extract and enter online, by email or post by Friday 27th June 2014. Don't worry, you won't need a gimmick for your work, we know great writing doesn't need one - all it needs is an audience, and The Great British Write Off can certainly help with that!