Shortlist Announced!

We're delighted to announce our Great British Write Off 2014 shortlist...

The Shortlist

Dawn Jones
Zak Parsons
Tony Russell
David Winship
Cynthia Price
Gareth Roberts
Johnny Gallagher
Eleanor Brimelow
John Williams-Davies
Robert Page
Ella Morley
Katie Smith
Danielle Pegg
Daniel Blything
Anastasia Prempeh
Tatiana Aksarova
Veronica-Clare Murrell
Dharminder Gill
Alan Smith
Olga Aryamati
Indranee De Silva
Ross Bryant
Tom Robertson
Rachel Long
Emma Stokes

We have sent the shortlist to our judges, Penny Pepper, Mark Grist and Mixy. The work has been sent without the authors' names and the judges have been provided with a score sheet. They will consider creativity, originality, content, rhythm/meter/structure as well as the overall impression of the piece. They will then collectively decide on the winners, who will be announced in late December 2014.

The winner will receive the fantastic prize fund of £1450.50, plus we’ll also award a 2nd prize of a £500 BookPrinting UK voucher and a 3rd prize of £100. The winners’ poems will be available to read on our website from late December 2014.