Ross Bryant

Ross Bryant is a Poet from the Southwest of England. He has been published in several of the Forward Poetry Anthologies and will be performing his poems in Somerset, Bristol and London in early 2015.

"I am both thrilled and humbled to have been awarded second place in the Great British Write Off and look forward to commencing the journey that this fantastic opportunity will allow me to embark upon. My congratulations to both Anastasia and Rachel who both contributed amazing peices."

M5 Nirvana

Like the smell of baking
Bread my head spread
Through endless hills
So bring your seed
Farmer finger
Your calm demeanour
Need no introduction
In the production
Of Nirvana
On the M5
A constant reminder
That I'm still alive
In an armada
Of cars
Winding like spaghetti
Through confetti hills
The wheels taken
And my arm sizzled
Like the tartan bacon
Awakened to
the crackling
of gravel
The travel unravelled to
A stop, the car was hot
And kissed the shore

(Opened car door)

Underneath the canopy
The breeze parts the
Trees and I could see the sea
And it sneezes at my
Wandering eye, spied
The tides salty hands
Over sizzling sands
And I could see for miles and miles
I could see for miles
Wandering through
An orange
Squeezed sky teased by
The deepest aubergine
Creeping in its pores
Night was in store

(Opened car door)

Star after star
In a kaleidoscopic colander
And I the bleary eyed
Astronomer bathed in light
Leaked in the dwindling heat
And the day succumbed
To the jaws of night
I'll mourn for this
Sunday when Monday
Makes its way
But right now
I wouldn't have it
Any other way.

© Ross Bryant, 2014

Published in ‘The Great British Write Off - Beyond Words’