2014 Winners

We're delighted to announce the winners of The Great British Write Off 2014! Our judges, Mark Grist, Mixy and Penny Pepper have marked each piece on its creativity, originality, content, rhythm/meter/structure as well as the overall impression it made on them.

Each judge scored the work separately and back at the office we added up each judge's score for each piece and the top 3 highest scoring pieces won the prizes!

We had 3 prizes to award - each time an entry was received for The Great British Write Off 50p was added to the prize fund and the 1st prize winner receives the prize fund! 2nd prize is a £500 Book Printing UK voucher and 3rd prize is £100.

The 1st prize winner of £1450.50 is ... Anastasia Prempeh from Croydon, whose poem 'Those Words' our judges all loved. Congratulations Anastasia!

"Masterfully constructed, incredibly well written and just brilliant," said Mixy.

"It's a beautiful piece that thuds against your insides," said Mark Grist.

Here are Anastasia's winning words ...

Read "Those Words" By Anastasia Prempeh

2nd Prize of £500 Book Printing UK voucher has been awarded to Ross Bryant from Taunton for his poem, 'M5 Nirvana':

Read "M5 Nirvana" By Ross Bryant

Our 3rd prize of £100 is awarded to Rachel Long, London for her poem, 'My Heart':

Read "My Heart" By Rachel Long

A huge thank you to everyone who entered The Great British Write Off 2014 and to our fantastic judges, Mark Grist, Mixy and Penny Pepper. Congratulations once again to our winners, Anastasia Prempeh, Ross Bryant and Rachel Long!